​Accurate & Practical Accounting

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  • Accounts Receivable

Invoicing/ Billing, AR Aging, Catch-up, Clean-up, Collections/ Negotiations, and Supporting Schedules.

  • Accounts Payable

Coding, Purchase Order, AP Processing, Payment Checks, AP Aging, Catch-up, Clean-up, 1099's, Negotiations, and Supporting Schedules.

  • Reconciliation

General Ledger, Bank Statements, and Credit Card Statements.

  • Payroll

Timesheets, Payroll Processing, Commissions, Bonus, Per Diem, Payroll Taxes (FUTA, UCT-6, FICA, 940, 941, and Forms:  W2, W3, W4, I-9, 1098, 1099), Worker's Compensation, Reports, and Schedules.

  • Organization

Develop filing system, Scanning documents, Schedule software Back-up's, and other.


  • Other Special Projects per your request


​​Ready to preform a Bookkeeping & Accounting Health check-up to identify internal control issues, Bookkeeping & Accounting review of your in-house recorded transactions, Bookkeeping & Accounting Complete Records Catch-up,/ Clean-up and update, Accounting & Bookkeeping Complete System Set-up, and other.

  • Accounting System

Create a complete Computerized Set-up with Chart of Accounts & Reports, Client Write-up, Catch-up, Clean-up, Policies & Procedures Implementation, Internal Controls, Maintenance, Organization, Training, Consulting, and Accounting Audit Review.

  •   Financial Statements

Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, and Cash Flow Statements.

  • Month-End and Fiscal Year-End Closing

General Ledger Review, Reconciliations, Trial Balance, Financial Statements, Adjusting Journal Entries, Fixed Assets, Depreciation, Sales Tax, Maintenance, Work-papers/ Schedules, Financial Reports, and Analysis.

  • Assets

Track Fixed Assets, Calculate Depreciation, Accumulated Depreciation, Addition/ Disposal, and Supporting Schedules.

  • Planning

Budget/ Forecast Plan, Projection Scenarios, Flash Reports, Variance and Comparison Reports.


  • Reports  

Develop Reporting Systems, Management Schedule System, Pro-Forma, ROI, and Ratio Analysis.

  • Schedules

Allocation, Consolidation, Amortization, Bad Debt, Write-Off, Reserve, Prepaid Expenses, Notes Payable, Expense Reports, Unearned/ Deferred Revenue, Cost Accounting,  Inter-Company, Equipment & Leases, 401K/ 403B/ Annuity, Per Diem, Back-up schedule system,  and other.

  • Inventory

FIFO, LIFO, Control, Analysis, Manual Counts, Perpetual and Periodic Methods, and Reporting.

  • Consulting and Training

QuickBooks complete training (all versions)

  •  Other Special Projects per your request


​QuickBooks Software Fully Conversion Desktop to Online or Online to Desktop.